The Harold Griffin Gift Fund

Founded in 1937 by the late Pastmaster Harold Griffin, who bequeathed six houses in Thessaly Square, Battersea, which have since been sold and the proceeds invested, the Fund is primarily for the assistance of the elderly inhabitants of Battersea and needy members of the Company.

The Palmer Foundation

Founded in 1979 by the late Pastmaster E.W. Palmer and incorporating the former Benevolent Fund, this Charity was maintained by the Company by means of donations from Corporate Funds and by the Dividends received from Waverley Court Ltd. This property company, managed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Court, was bequeathed to the Company by Pastmaster Palmer who prescribed that half the income received should be for the benefit of the Palmer Foundation and half for the Coopers' Co. & Coborn Educational Foundation. Grants were made to selected charities and in response to appeals, and awards were given for Scholarships, Prizes and other items at the Company's School and College.

The Ratcliff Trust

Originally part of the Ratcliff Charity founded in 1536 by Nicholas Gibson (see below), to provide an almshouse for 14 men and women and a school for 30 boys. The greater part of the income is paid over to the Coopers' Co. & Coborn Educational Foundation which succeeded the Stepney & Bow Educational Foundation in 1972. A payment is also made to the Ratcliff Pension Charity.

The Ratcliff Pension Charity

This Charity was formed in 1896 as a result of the 'splitting' of the original Ratcliff Charity into two separate schemes - the Stepney & Bow Educational Foundation, concerned solely with the administration of that part of the bequest concerned with education, and the Ratcliff Pension Charity to continue the almshouse and pensioners purposes of the original Gibson bequest. It financed the Company's Charitable work in Stepney and Bow and the wider Tower Hamlets area by making grants to needy residents and to welfare organisations. 

Strode's Egham Pension Charity

Henry Strode (Master 1703) in his Will, left a substantial sum to increase the pensions paid by the Ratcliff Charity and founded a School and Almshouses, to be administered by the Company for the benefit of the residents of Egham in Surrey. In 1912 the Almshouses were abolished in aid of Pensions and these funds were then administered by making grants to residents in the Egham area.


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